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Keep a Notebook – milestone book review

Before my eldest was born, I searched baby shops and scoured online for the perfect milestone record book. Eager to have a place to keep track of all the exciting moments and memories from my pregnancy as well during the months and years ahead once our bub arrived, I wanted something simple, easy to fill out and with plenty of space for photos and jottings. While many of us rely on our social media feeds these days as memory keepers, I felt having a tangible handwritten record of babyhood was much more personal. As a young girl, I used to love flicking through my own baby book and I wanted my own children to have the opportunity to do the same when they were older.

For those parents finding themselves in the same position, the newly released ‘Keep a Notebook’ book is an excellent way to keep track of and put down on paper all of the details and treasured memories you want to document. When sleepless nights and exhaustion hit, having a baby record book ensures you won’t risk forgetting all of those precious details that regrettably begin to fade over time.

Details about Keep a Notebook

Designed and printed in Australia, the trendy ‘Keep a Notebook’ record book is A4 in size with a simple modern look and graphics. Using a colour palette of black, white, yellow, aqua green, blue and pink, it is fairly bold in both its colourful design and style and is gender neutral. With 80 pages made from high quality matte paper which is lovely to write on, it has good sized lines for entries and is well bound. Divided into three parts it covers your pregnancy, the birth and the following years extending into toddlerhood. It has room for recording specific details, for journaling longer stories and for sticking in photos and keepsakes.

Pages included in Keep a Notebook

The pregnancy section of this book allows you to record information from when you first discover you are pregnant such as ultrasound photos, cravings, first movements, what you pack in your labour bag, the names you consider for your baby and the nursery you set up.

The birth section has pages to record your birth story, details from your baby’s birth day (such as measurements and place of birth), specifics about the world on the day your baby is born, hand and foot prints, a family tree and messages from family and friends. Uniquely, the family tree in this book is also suitable for same sex couples.

The final chapter of ’Keep a Notebook’ allows you to record ‘firsts’, to keep track of your baby’s reaction to various foods and has pages for every month where you can jot down developmental details. Beyond these there is a page for the first birthday celebration and funny quotes, as well as yearly pages (up until age four) for recording your child’s ‘favourites’. A ‘first day of kindy’ and ‘first day of school’ page is also included as well as some opportunities to write letters to your little one. Everything seems to have been thought of in this well planned book.